Don Warbucks, birth name Brandon Mallard was born on December1, 1986 living in a single parent house hold surviving the Reagan and post Reagan society of the times. He has witnessed death, drug addiction and hard times through out his family, but also kept his eye on hip-hop since a youngster in the early 90’s. He has always felt that freedom of speech along with poetry was a gift that was God giving and he wanted to explore into this venture. He would sometimes mimic other artists to get a feel of great craft in hip-hop. He never really took his writing seriously until his high school years in 2000, when he saw fierce competition and battles through out his school. His niche from other rapppers was to speak about real life issues in society, what has gone on in his life and others. In 2005 he and B.I.B.Z along with Chipz formed a indie label called Real Lyfe Enterprise which embodied these issues, Chipz was the first artist off the label to drop a project named reflected, a mixtape on his issues. DonWarbucks executive produced the mixtape . He is also producing tracks for artists with impeccable beat making.With the future at hand Don along with other will take things into the hands of their own.